Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Author Charlene Wilson

Today I've brought debut author Charlene Wilson with me to
Romancing the Muses.

Thanks for stopping by Charlene!

Now for the question ...

What is the hardest thing (for you) about being a published Author?

Having my debut novel, Cornerstone Deep, release in November was a thrill!  To hold my baby in my hands, my name on the cover and the characters I love so much be alive on the pages inside…  It was like a dream. 

But then, reality hit.  All my promoting to that point only scratched the surface of what needed to be done.  The blog appearances I’d scheduled for my book tour were about to air and I hadn’t stopped to think how it would affect me personally.  They were about me. My work.  My thoughts.  My views.  Heavens, I’m shy!  And one of those appearances was with an internet radio show.  My voice was actually going to be heard by all those strangers.  I panicked!  (In fact, I hid my head under my pillow and felt my cheeks burn red as I listened to it).  My poor friends and family.  They did their best to calm me.

In the weeks that followed, I tried several different angles to accomplish the awful chore of selling myself and my book.  I even called on one of my characters to take over a couple of my guest blog spots.  (Thank you, Mianna.  I’ll make it up to you in Cornerstone Deep book two Echoes).  *wink*  It made it easier to look at the task through another’s eyes.

I do feel I’ve made headway in overcoming my promotion shyness.  I’m learning new ways to achieve my goals and I have wonderful friends that walk me through the steps to help me succeed in my marketing platform.  One thing I’ve definitely learned is that authors help authors, and I love doing my part to help others promote their work.  (Note the Highlighted Author blog link below).

As I gain confidence in diving into the deeper waters of self promotion, I’m able to relax and do what I really love.  Write.  I’m looking forward to completing the second book in my series.  Then, comes the editing…and that’s a whole other Hardest Thing blog post.

Find Charlene here:

Highlighted Author blog:  http://cawilson.blogspot.com
The Character Caféhttp://thecharactercafe.blogspot.com

Thanks again Charlene!!


Anastasia V. Pergakis said...

Charlene! I know you'll make it. The thing that helps me when it comes to my shyness is that people can't SEE you online. That really makes the difference for me to get over the nerves and potential embarrassment! I know you'll succeed babe and I'm here if you need any help - you know that. *wink*

Jacqueline Paige said...

Good point, Anastasia!

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Thanks, Ana. I know with friends like you I will succeed. :) Go figure, after this post aired, I was contacted to do a blogtalk radio show. Get your patient listening hat on and your holding hand ready. I have a feeling I'll need it. LOl.

And thank you so much for having me on Romancing the Muses, Jacqueline. It was fun. :)

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