Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thought Provoking Q & A

Since my children are being absolutely wild today (and have been all week), I've decided to share a link to a Q & A session with author Maya Banks over at Dear Author. She talks very frankly about the things authors really want to know: writing, promotion, and money. The money issue really got my attention, but I was also interested in her e-published numbers versus her New York sales. Very, very important stuff.

She clearly indicates there is money to be made in e-publishing, even if she's isn't one-hundred percent certain of the formula. Regardless, her business ventures have made her more money this year than some people will see in a lifetime. I confess I wasn't expecting to read such high figures, however, it does prove that if you keep writing, gain an audience, and produce quality books each year readers will follow.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend you give the interview a read.

As always, the eye candy of the week.


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