Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Show v/s Tell

Hi, everyone!

Since I'm taking care of a sick kidlet and time is short, I figured I'd do a blog about show v/s tell. As it's impossible to write anything with a child in my lap, I decided to provide a few resources for you instead. I hope they help clarify the difference between show and tell. Trust me when I say it's extremely important to know and recognize the difference between the two. While "show" is fine here and there, "tell" really brings a story to life.

On Show v/s Tell:



Thanks to my fellow muse, Rosalie, for helping me with links. I'll be back next week! Now for eye candy!


Sharon said...

okay, he is hot! Thanks for the links. I will check those out. I understand the whole show and tell thing in theory, but I would like to see some examples.
Best of luck with the wee one!

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