Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The start of a marathon

No, I haven't taken up running.  I wish I had the
time and energy left to even consider running.  My
exercise requirements are more than full filled when
I'm at my job, where most days I don't sit or stop
for at least eight hours.

The marathon I am involved in is that promotional
one authors have to do to be found.  Found by
readers that is.

I've been such a good girl lately and listening to all the
publicity words of wisdom and have been doing at
least some of the social media requirements of
getting your name out there.  I may not have the time
to post and update as often as I should, but I'm trying.

For some reason when my first book was published I
thought the hardest part was over- the writing and editing.
I'm a little red in the face now that I know that's the
easy part!   I've just signed on for a month long
virtual book tour for my release that came out last
month and the one coming out in two days time.

So now all I have to do is fit in (while still working six
days a week) the answers for interview
questions, record the interview with the host for the
radio podcast, prepare promo's and fun giveaway ideas
for the live chat, think of and write several guest blogs,
hold my breath and hope for the best on all the
reviews stops,  make sure I'm at all of the stops
throughout their scheduled day (netbook will be
accompanying me to work for a month) oh and
remember to tweet about all of it along the way!

It's a good thing I manage a cafe or my kids might
starve in the next four weeks.

I guess the question all authors need to ask
themselves after they're published is
"How bad do you want your work out there?"

Of course Murphy's law- or I suppose being the
blog that this is that would be more appropriate
to say Rhiannon's Law **waves at Jaime and hopes she
laughs at the promo for her I slipped in**
 ... states my edits for other contracted books WILL arrive
during all of this around the web in a month fun!


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