Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Staying on task ... on what?

There are some that can focus and stay on task no matter
what you toss at them.  I am NOT one of those people.
Can I finish something on time? Yes.  Can I solely focus on
just that task to get there?  Not in this life time! I seem to stumble
across little paths the deviate from where I was going and being
the adventurous sort I just have to see where this new path leads.

For example...

I've been sending out manuscripts, writing new ones, signing
contracts, promoting and editing like mad for the past year.
This is all great, much better than sitting in front of the computer
staring at the blinking cursor wondering where your muse went...
 until you sit down and figure out what you have just signed yourself
up for in the immediate future.

I sat down last night, and made myself figure out what I have to do
in the next, oh we'll say six months - actually to be totally honest a large
portion of it needs to be done in three months time!

I still have four new releases coming out every other month this year.
This equals edits, promotion and the ticking clock of deadlines.  No biggie,
I work great under pressure!!

This week I will be finished a current WIP - that is only 20,000 past where I'd
planned it to end and then its time to put on my blinders, lock my muse in
the attic and try to buckle down and finish up a few things.

Behind the scenes (aka stuff I've been pretending isn't there) I have a
whopping list to deal with.
Here's a bit of it so you understand just what I've done to myself (keep in mind I
do work anywhere from 40-60hrs a week outside of my writing space as well)
Book 4 in series - polish and submit (my editor is dying to know what happens!)
Book 1 in new trilogy - rewrites and re-submit (this is a biggie! when the
CEO asks if you can rework something .. you try your best!)
Book 3 in trilogy - finish and get to editor (this one already has a projected release date!!)
Book 1 in yet another new trilogy - polish up and submit
Book 5 (and hopefully final book) in series - polish up and submit

And that is the next three months of my life!   Now, for all you perfectly organized
people out there ... suggestions on how to accomplish this on time would be
 greatly appreciated.  I promise to at least read said suggestions, following
them may not work out, then again maybe someone will have that one idea
that will work for me.

Did I mention I am in the process of packing and sorting through the house to move on top of
all of this?

Have a great week everyone!!

P.S. Yes, Rosalie this is the time where I need you to alternate between drill sergeant and compassionate, understanding woman.  


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