Monday, April 16, 2012

Finding time

There are times when you click your inbox's refresh button repeatedly and jump at the first sign of something new, even if it turns out to be an Amazon ad or an unwanted piece of spam. Then there are times when you can't think about checking your email because of the eight thousand nine hundred and seventy one other things taking up your time.

My life at the moment definitely falls into the latter category. This is hardly the first time and god knows it won't be the last. During such hectic times, the idea of getting anything accomplished -- not just worked on, but finito, signed, sealed and delivered -- seems completely impossible. You remember Past You, merrily pounding away at the keyboard and shrugging off impending obligations, thinking Future You will handle those inconveniences. When Future You becomes Present You, and those impending obligations become Gotta Have This Done YESTERDAY, time at the keyboard dwindles, and you hit that all-too familiar feeling you have a big test coming up and you haven't so much as glanced over a semester's worth of lesson plans.

"Next time," you dutifully promise yourself. "Next time, I'll remember what happened this time, and what happened this time won't happen again."

Of course, by the time Next Time rolls around, your song has changed from I'll Do Better to Maybe This Time It'll Be Different.

The only advice I can impart -- speaking to myself as much as anyone else to whom this applies -- is stop worrying so much. The words you get out now don't have to be perfect. No one sees this draft but you and those you opt to share it with. And even if things don't work out the way you planned, there are always options. There are always roads less traveled by. That's a part of the excitement that comes with being a writer. There is not an obstacle too great for the all mighty backspace.

So, faithful Musees, if you don't hear from Rosalie for the next few weeks, rest assured she will be back. Sometimes we have to cry uncle and ride it out. For this blogger, this is one of those times.


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