Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome to Romancing The Muses!

I hope you've enjoyed our first week of posts! We're just kicking things off and can promise if you stick around, the fun (and hopefully learning, too) is just beginning. This is a fabulous group of authors that I'm really honored to be a part of and I know I've already learned a lot from the posts so far.

For my first post at RTM, I'd like to throw out a request. We've all talked about different features or certain elements we feel we can bring to the blog, and one of the posts I'll be doing often is called Ask An Editor (thanks for the idea, Jaime!) I was a historical editor for two years with an e-publisher and saw a lot of different manuscripts cross my desk. As an author myself, I know how useful it can be to have help deciphering what exactly it is that an editor might be looking for in a submission. While I certainly can't speak for all editors, I know what made the difference when I was reading subs and trying to see which ones would make excellent additions to my line. That's the kind of information I hope to share here.

I'm hoping to kick off my first Ask An Editor feature here on the blog in the next few weeks, but it would be a big help if anyone with questions they'd like to see addressed would either leave a comment on this post or contact me at my email address: I'll probably start with just a couple checklist-type posts of what to be thinking about when you're readying a story for a publisher, but I'll be collecting questions too that I can answer here on the blog. So please, ask away!

Happy writing!


Madelyn Ford said...

Well Cari, I'll start off the question. I'm sure each house does things slightly different, can you explain how the process goes from author submission to reaching an editor? It's something I've always been curious about. How many hands does the ms pass before reaching an editor and who makes the final decision? And if an editor decides to pass on a ms, does it automatically get rejected?


Sabrina Shields said...

I'm so happy Cari tweeted about this new blog yesterday! Very glad to find it. :)

My question is: How much will you work with an author on a ms that the voice is awesome but the story/plot isn't totally right yet? Do you go for voice over perfect plotting or does it really have to be the whole package to get your attention?

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