Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making the rounds

While I've been busy tracking down other authors to find out
the answer to my question about what the hardest part of being
published is for them, I've been doing the hardest part for me.

Promoting - ugh!   If you have one book published, it's still hard
and a long trek but the decision is easier.  I have six books out
there now and trying to decide which one I should focus on
gets to be tiresome.   Of course if it's Halloween I focus on my
one that takes place at that time of year, but otherwise it's a game of
spin the wheel to see which characters get their spot in the lime
light when I have the time to promote.

This week it's my last release, I've signed up for a week long
virtual tour.  The tour is a great way to get the book and my name
out there.

Another way to promote is using a book trailer.  I've made
a few of these and it was fun to do, even though my level of
skill in that department is very basic I was pleased with the

I had an epiphany about a month ago when I realized the
easiest way to promote all of my books would be to get my
name out there, because lets face it I may have six books
with pretty covers and ISBN's but I am one small ant in
the enormous colony of the publishing world.

I decided to have a trailer made - an author trailer and not
just a book trailer.  I won't post the trailer here on RtM because
this blog isn't all about shameless self promoting but I'll
add the link to the end if you feel like checking it out.  I'm
trilled with the results and wished I'd thought of it sooner.
Now I can promote the trailer and not have to spend hours
setting up promo's for my individual books.

Is this going to work?

I have no idea!

Which is what promoting is all about in my mind, you
wander aimlessly making the rounds on the net collecting
many friendships and picking up readers that have actually
read your books as you go all while trying to figure out if it's
working and what direction you can head next...

Aside from becoming rich and hiring someone to figure all
of this out, I'll just have to keep plugging away at the illusive
art of promoting.

I've tried to bribe my kids to hurry up and finish their education,
get brilliant so they can be my proofreader /editors / pr reps and
I can go back to the part I love the most - the part where I
create characters and the world they live in ...  my children
laugh and think I'm kidding - umm, I'm not guys so lets put those
adolescent hormones on hold and focus on getting diplomas!

Okay, I am kidding - sort of...  

Feel free to share your ideas for promoting, the more options
all of us have the easier it's going to be!

Here's the link for my trailer  http://youtu.be/HDs03Pl8ZZU 


Sharon S. said...

the best way an author can get exposure to me is to do the blog tours. I visit tons of blogs looking for new books to try. A book give away is probably the number one way. I just joined a new, and still small, blog. I am getting ready to start a monthly contest where fans can win swag from various known authors and get to pick an "out of the box" book/ebook (from a new to them author)

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