Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Naming Blunders...

I mentioned this last week on my blog and thought I'd share
it over here too.

The title of your book can be one of the most important parts
of any story.  It identifies the story, can intrigue readers to look
beyond the title (much like a good cover can do) it's how readers
can find the book, aside from the author name.

I name all my works in progress and usually the working title sticks
and I'm attached to it by the time I type that last word on the last page.
Normally I will do a quick search of the title before I begin - no one
wants to be the author of a book title already out there.

Of course if you don't name it until it's finished, you're miles ahead of
me on that front.

I didn't do that search on a new trilogy I started (and then had to put
on hold to complete something else) so now half way through the first
book I decided to do it. Not only was the trilogy name already out
there but so was the first title by two different authors...
Trying to come up with names I liked as much as the first took me more
than a few hours (more like a few days) to do and stalled all attempts of
writing (yes I was pouting).

Now I'm back on track again with the plot, all names searched and labeling
the files.

If you get hung up on the 'little things' like I do - search that title before you
put the first word on the page!

Have a great week!!


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