Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conquering The Edits Monster

While I like having edited, I'm a not a huge fan of edits. At first. Reason being, they usually make me feel like I…well, suck. This goes for critiques as well. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a perfectionist or a pantser or what, but it always requires a deep breath and crossed fingers for me to open that document from my editor or CP. It's kind of like getting reviews. We all have that idea in our head of the meaning behind our work. Then you receive, in black and white, someone else's thoughts on what you've created when you're not around to explain to them what you really meant. Your words rise and fall on their own and sometimes it's distressing to see how far you've missed the mark.

That saying, I usually don't look at my edits or critiques right away. I usually need a couple days to build up my courage. Probably if I wasn't so used to getting massive edits - or at least what I term massive edits - they wouldn't vex me so much, but alas that's not the case. I'm on my sixth contracted book at this point - and have one self-published - and I can honestly say I'm not much less intimidated by receiving that first round of edits now than I was at the beginning. A little bit, yes. And I also calm down from my customary freak out a lot faster. I can do what's required. I know that, because I've done it before. That experience does help when I'm fighting a serious case of "I'm not worthy"s.

But still…I always love the finished product once the edits are done! Editors and CPs are wonderful people and help you take your story places you might not have been able to on your own. Heck, maybe one day I'll even get excited when I get edits/critiques instead of nervous!

How do you approach edits and/or critiques? Do they freak you out or have you found your zen about them? And if so, can you tell me where I can find some?


Sharon said...

I am sure there is an app for that .

Cari Quinn said...

LOL, Sharon, if there isn't, there should be!

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