Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interview with a Book Blogger!

Today I’m doing something different. I have Bells (a huge fan who became a close friend -- the image above was taken this year at Lori Foster's Reader and Author Get Together), from Hanging With Bells with me. She’s going to provide a bit on insight on what book reviewers look for in books and how to approach blogs when you’re interested in promoting your work.

Jaime: Thanks for doing this, Bells! Welcome to Romancing the Muses!

Bells: Thanks for having me. I feel so special… and weird because I’m usually the one doing the interviewing.

Jaime: *laughs* You’re so silly. Relax, this won’t hurt…much. First question: Say an author wants to visit your blog or get a review. What is the best way to go about it?

Bells: Most of the authors that I chat with on Twitter will ask if anyone is looking for guest posts for their blogs and that's how I usually get an interview. I have had authors that have contacted me by email as well that were interested on having an interview on my blog. For me it’s best to contact via email or Twitter (where I usually hang out all day long).

Jaime: I know you’re obsession with Twitter! Can you tell us what you enjoy about authors?

Bells: I enjoy authors that seem down to earth such as myself. I tend to gravitate towards more authors that seem to have the same likes that I do. I am all about positivity! I love to laugh and there are so many authors on Twitter that make me chuckle all the time. That includes you as well. That is how we first bonded. Discussing the Twilight movies and what parts of them that made us laugh.

Jaime: Oh Lord, I remember that! Those were the days. I’m aware of bloggers who can be afraid of having authors if they feel they’ll lash out at a less than stellar review, or will argue with the reviewer. As an author myself, I always say it’s best to say thank you or nothing at all. What’s your take?

Bells: That’s kinda hard to answer, because authors are people too. They’re human and have emotions just like everyone else. I know as hard as it must be to want to say something, it’s best not to. There seems to be a lot of backlash when they speak out. You’ll see this on Twitter when an author says something negative and reviewers may start talking.

Jaime: Oh man, I remember the author who had a mug created after she went “snake” on a reviewer. It wasn’t pretty.

Bells: *laughs*

Jaime: Okay, next question: I’ve done posts before where I’ve mentioned it’s best to research book bloggers prior to submitting. Some bloggers prefer urban fantasy, others enjoy erotic romance. How important do you think it is for authors to place their work with readers who will enjoy it?

Bells: I think it’s very important. You want to make sure your book is going to appeal to the person reading it. If you give someone a historical when they don’t like historical the odds are they won’t like it. Sometimes people will enjoy books that aren’t what they typically read, but that isn’t always the case. If you want to get positive feedback it’s always good to check out the preferences of the book blogger you approach.

Jaime: Since our kids are going nuts (they are screaming as we’re doing this interview on the phone), I’m going to wrap things up. So final question: eBooks are becoming very popular. Are you finding you prefer eBooks to print?

Bells: I’m going to say…no. Even though I own a Kindle, I still seem to enjoy reading a paper copy more. I will read from my Kindle if I have to, but most of the time I prefer print. That said, it’s weird because there are times when I get into my Kindle. But there are others times when I go, “Meh.” Snuggling an eReader is not the same as snuggling with a paperback.

Jaime: Okay, I lied. One more question: I do know you read books from authors who are at ePublishers. Do prefer books from New York authors (who are in mass market paperback)? Or will you give anything that strikes your fancy a chance?

Bells: As long as the work appeals to me, entertains me, and has good writing, then that’s all that matters.

This week's eye candy of the week is for Bells. You can find her at Hanging With Bells, which isn’t your average book blog. She also lists new movie and music releases, as well as shares her Hump Day Hottie each week. If you haven’t visited, be sure to swing by and say hello!


Anonymous said...

Oh Bells and JA, how I love you both!

Rosalie Stanton said...

Great interview! I love getting the reviewers' perspective! (Also, really cute pic. ;))

I'm more of an ebook reader, myself...though sometimes, the paperbacks draw me back in. :)

J.A. Saare said...

Nikki, we love you too! ;D

Rosalie -- I'm an eBook reader too. :) I started to prefer them about a year ago.

Shelly said...

Ooh look who was a guest on the blog1!! I love you both!
And i love both print and ebooks. But for me, i love the convenience of my kindle.:)
Great interview!

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Shelly! *hugs* Yes, I got Bells to visit! Huzzah. :) I love my Kindle too!

Bells said...

Thanks for having me on the blog! This was fun! I love that my buddies dropped by to say hi. Hi friends! *waves*

Sharon said...

How funny, an author interviewing a blogger! I had my kindle for over 2 years now and don't know what I would do without it. I do miss my covers though :( That is why I get pretty aggressive about scamming cover flats from people . I actually carry them around, along with my 8 page list of the authors I follow. You never know when you will meet someone and they say "do you know any good books?" .

I don't like to request interviews until I have read the author's book. It would be to awkward to interview someone when you didn't like their book.
Thanks for the fun post and I visit Bells' site all the time.

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