Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Inspired You To Write?

Sometimes when you're bogged down in the day to day reality of trying to be a writer, you get caught up in “stuff.” Cover art forms, formatting, edits, suggestions from critique partners, classes, how to books, lists of what not to do...all of it can get overwhelming. Sometimes you just need to take a little while and reflect upon how you ended up here, wherever that here may be.

Why did you first put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard? Did another author inspire you? Did you have feelings you didn't know how else to get out but on paper? Or did you want to be able to transport someone the way you've been transported to another place when you read a good book?

For me it was a couple of those things. I remember in elementary school plotting to write a book with one of my friends, though I don't think we got beyond a title and a drawing for our cover. In fifth grade, I came in second in my class's storywriting contest. I always loved making up fantastical worlds and writing them down for others to read. By junior high, I was attempting to write my first romance—and this was before I'd ever read an adult one. In eighth grade I read my first two romances, and I honestly believe they cemented my career path. The first was Twins by Katherine Stone and the second was Public Secrets by Nora Roberts. I fell in love with both books—and my love affair with Nora's work began. She was really the one who inspired me more than anyone else. She's a woman to be reckoned with in so many ways and her talent only continues to grow.

So who or what inspired you? Has that inspiration changed over the years?


Sharon said...

The first book that truly did this was Dune. I was around 13 and I would dream about the books. That was a whole new experience for me , but I also discovered what happens when an author doesn't end a series when they should .

Cari Quinn said...

It's amazing when you find one of those memorable books, Sharon. Though it's disappointing when time passes and you sometimes come to view them in a different way.

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