Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How much is too much?

Recently I was caught up in a discussion with
other authors about social networking.  Many use
it to help promote their work, I am one of those.
With each new contract or release I change my
status on the various networks I am a part of.
A year ago it was a daily time consuming task
to log into all of the sites and get caught up on 
where everyone was and what they were doing.
I've made some great friends through these networks, 
but I have to wonder how much social networking
is too much? 
It came to a point where I had to force myself to
not check all of these until I managed to get some
work done because it was a wonderful distraction
to hang out on twitter or facebook and stop each
morning and read all the posts on yahoo ... at the 
point I realized my writing was suffering from 
spending more time online than creating scenes
I backed away.
Of course my non-writing work for several months
took over my world and I had to decide if I wanted
to spend my little free time hammering out a plot or
chatting it up was more important.  I felt out of the 
loop in many ways when I did take the time to
follow along and see what I'd missed online, but
on the other side my writing began to change and for the
most part was better for it.
Online networks are a great way to get your name
out there and grab a few sales, but I still wonder
how much social networking is too much??
I stumbled across this blog from a marketing
specialist wrote last year and it has actually
made me feel better about being too busy to greet
everyone each day through various status bars and
Just something to think about while you're waiting for those
edits to arrive...


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