Tuesday, January 25, 2011

R and R

 To my amazement I know which day of the week it is
today!  Lately I've been so swamped I remember what
day of the week it is when the day is almost over...

An important thing to remember during all the chaos
that goes with writing/editing/promoting and the long
list of all the other stuff is stop from time to time and
Regroup and Rest.  Burn out isn't hard to accomplish
and then you'll be sitting there looking around trying to
find your muse that is off somewhere taking a nap because
the creative juices are temporarily dried up.

R and R for me is Read and Rest (what can I say I'm a
book addict as well as a writer).  So for the first time in
sixteen months I am taking more than two days in a row
 off from my work and regenerating.   Day one - I read
three novels and ignored the rest of the planet.  Day two -
(today) I am catching up on all the stuff I didn't have the
energy to care about in the past few months.  The next
four days will be all about proofing, plotting and

Just remember to stop and catch your breath from time to

I'll see you next week!


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