Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Every year I come up with a few resolutions. Sometimes they're personal (I need to exercise more) and sometimes they are work related. This year will be the year of social media and name branding. At least for me.

What is name branding, you ask? Like any other commodity, your name is your brand and many readers, if they like your work, will buy your next book just because your name is featured on the cover. I didn't realize the importance of this until after my first release, so for those aspiring writers, I say start now.

1. Get a website or blog. I know the website can be an expensive expense, especially if you don't even have a contract on the table so I would suggest starting with a blog. Set one up. But don't just stop there. Actually use it. Blog about the trial and tribulations of an aspiring author for example, anything to draw readers.

2. Then Tweet about it. Facebook it. Get your name out there. But you have to be careful. Don't flood the market or you can turn people off, which you don't want to do.

3. Join author groups. Not only is this a good place to meet other authors and learn the trade, authors are in affect readers. You can make some wonderful friends who will grown to be your greatest companions.

Now for me, I have done all the above but unlike my fellow Muses, I am kind of a social introvert. So back to my New Year's resolutions, blogging, Twittering, and Facebooking, I'm going to do all three more consistently. Really:)


Rosalie Stanton said...

Excellent post, Madelyn! You have some truly keen insights - I know a few authors I'll always go to for good stories, likable characters, and so on, so establishing yourself as a brand really does attract readers. Looking forward to seeing your inner social butterfly emerge! :D

Madelyn Ford said...

Oh, I'm just a fount of knowledge :) (just for you, lol). Unfortunately my execution is a bit lacking. It's why I used to only get on Twitter when I knew you, Jaime, or Cari were on. Now I just don't at all. Sadly social butterfly I am not.

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