Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Know Your Book Bloggers

Once you finish you book, are contracted, and have a release date, it's time to enter into that hazy world of promotion.  For a new author, the task can be very daunting.  Not only are there venues such as Twitter and Facebook to introduce yourself (in which you have to be extremely careful to avoid a hard sell), but there are also various other methods to get your name out there.  It can become confusing, especially when you're doing all that you can and sales don't seem to be climbing.

However, I've found there is one surefire way to gain recognition -- book bloggers. They are people who, at heart, enjoy reading great stories.  Most take review requests and are more than willing to have you on the blog to guest host, answer questions, or provide a giveaway to their followers. Since the blogging community is very close, it's also a great way to spread the word about your work. A solid following will ensure that more people give your work a shot, which is an author's heaven when they are brand new and need to develop a name for themselves.

Another great thing is that book bloggers are also on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. This allows them to spread the word even further.  All it takes is one enthralling story to ensure they will be talking about your recent work, how much they enjoyed it, and recommending it to all their friends. I've found a majority of the book bloggers I submit my material to simply by doing some research. Look for those who enjoy your genre, are open to requests, and be sure to read their reviews. The key is to find people who have a grasp for reviewing, a solid handle on their audience, and a good reputation.

Much like searching for a place to submit your work, be sure you know who you're sending your book to assist you in promoting your story.  Things like their number of followers and the layout of the site is important, but secondary to the primary objective -- to obtain a good review (that positive or negative, weighs the pros and the cons).  Do your research before release, find bloggers who interest you, and start setting up a schedule.  Once that's done, be sure to check in daily when you visit, say hello to those who stop by, and before long the effort will pay off.

In a saturated market, it's always best to find your own little niche. All it takes is a posse of devoted book lovers to make that happen.


J.L. Campbell said...

Good tips. I find that having ebooks help in terms of asking for reviews. When you have only physical books only, it can be a bit of a disadvantage getting it to reviewers. Still we persevere...

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