Thursday, April 14, 2011

Borders, Bitter Much?

Yesterday, Jaime mentioned her struggle in trying to decide which route was best for her, agent or no agent. This very personal decision is getting even harder to make with the ever changing publishing industry. And these changes are not exclusive to the Big Six. With the influx of so many smaller e-pubs and indie houses, many are scrambling to fill editing jobs. Others are growing so quickly that they seem unable to keep up and their authors are getting lost in the shuffle.

I doubt there has been a bigger eye-opener than the shut down of Borders stores. Just where I live, the three closest to me have closed, along with a couple hundred others around the country. This was taken at a Border's in Chicago.

Rumors only a couple years ago speculated Barnes and Noble was headed for the same outcome and then they came out with the Nook. While many still seem unsure of the future of digital publishing and e-readers, I wonder if Borders hadn't hid their heads in the proverbial e-book sand, would they be on firmer ground now? It certainly made Amazon the giant it is today.

We've talked a lot here about the changes in publishing. The decisions can be overwhelming, and not just for those getting started. I talk with my crit partners all the time about where to go from here. None of us have the answers. We're just going to have to hold onto our seats and hang on for the ride. Cause I think it's only going to get more wild.


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