Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Author Mila Ramos

I've managed to catch up to Mila Ramos on her tour for
Echoes and Illusions.

Here's the question Mila:
What is the hardest thing (for you) about being a published Author?

The world of writing and publishing is like an episode of Dr. Who, mysterious, interesting and somewhat confusing. I’ve been writing for about 5-6 years and the two consistent obstacles that have been not only difficult to manage but a task that I try to overcome are time management and learning different styles of marketing techniques.

Time management is particularly hard for me at this moment because I’m trying to finish a degree. When I first started writing I had just finished my bachelor’s degree and had taken some time off from school.  Since then I have gone back to school, gotten my master’s degree and am now in my second year of the doctoral program.   Usually it’s a bit easier during the summer months since there is no need to worry about classes, but it’s easier said than done.  Usually the urge to write comes when I’m supposed to be reading articles or working on something chemistry related. 

With the writing industry going more towards electronic publication or at least ease of publication, marketing for the increase of sales is easier and harder all at once. Marketing is my little pain in the butt. I love being able to promote the book to get it out there, but sometimes it can drive me crazy trying to figure out new ways to sell the book. Coming up with ideas of how to sell it and persistently being on top of new ways to promote the books is a remarkable. I admire many of the authors and company who have their own marketing teams. I once heard that as a writer there are two things you must always remember, take care of you and get a marketing team. As one still pretty new in the business, I can say I will gladly hire a marketing team for the promotion my books.  I with pleasure admit that anyone in the business of marketing who does it well is amazing, astounding and has my deepest respect.

For any authors wanting words of advice in this matter or others, I would highly recommend take it all one step at a time.  This is in particular vital when it comes to the world of marketing. One of the mistakes I made was getting flustered when marketing did not come as easy, and temporarily accepting that my work just would not be available to readers.  I have learned a great deal since that moment. One of the mainly significant points I have learned is that this, the writing business, takes time. Do not give up hope, keep your dreams (whatever they may be for you) alive and keep nurturing them.   You will succeed.

Keep writing!

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