Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's on your TBR?

I finished a novella this week, about ten minutes before deadline. Right after that I started critiquing someone else's novella for the same project and went back to yet another novella of mine that needs to be to my EC editor asap. I'm expecting edits this weekend. My point? I'm frazzled. Nothing new for a writer, whether you're published or unpublished. We all juggle multiple deadlines, whether personal or for outside projects, and none of us are immune to the stress of trying to keep multiple balls in the air. But right now, one of mine is falling...and that's the usage of a functional brain. 

My hero in my current WIP is a technical editor, and in the course of the novella, mentions how he works with words all the time and therefore doesn't like to use a lot of them in conversation. That's me. And this week, extra words seem beyond me. So I decided I'd ask all of you a question. What are you reading right now? It can be a novel/novella, magazine, non-fiction book. I'm looking for some new recommendations.

I'll play too. When I have a spare minute, I'm reading Jess Dee's Full House. She writes very hot books and this one definitely doesn't disappoint in that regard! 

So what's up next on your TBR, if you're not reading anything at the moment? And I promise I'll be back to somewhat normal next week!


Sharon S. said...

Peace, Love and Murder by Nancy Holzner (she was cool enough to give me a copy), Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf(for netgalley), and Dead Demon Walking by Linda Welch (cause I beta read it and can't wait to see the finished product). I need to pick a m/m because I am addicted to them and need one at my disposal at all times . I am thinking of trying a Marie Sexton...

I tend to have a lot of books going at one time.

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